What is Socials?

Get ready to let loose with four themed nights in unique venues capped off by One Gala ball to end the week!


What would an event in NEWY, the beach capital of NSW, be without a nautical themed night? Your very first party on Monday will be at Honeysuckle Hotel packed with heaps of marine creatures, sun kissed surfers and everything beachy! Think anything you could possibly find by the seaside - a hot lifeguard, a metal detecting mofo, or even a sea pebble. The world (of costumes) is your oyster, and it couldn't be moister.

Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark side of the mooooooon! Held at King St Hotel (lovingly referred to as Kingaz), rock up in astronaut gear, wear space buns, or simply unzip your human suits and be yourself 👽.

Heroes and Hoaxes

Steve Irwin and Unicorns, Firefighters and Mermaids, Spiderman and the Loch Ness Monster - thats right, all great heroes and all wacky hoaxes are welcome for NEW22’s Wednesday night social!

Whether you’ll be posing with your childhood hero, or becoming the first to finally give the world a clear photo of bigfoot - Heroes and Hoaxes is the place to do it all!

Angels and Demons

If you’ve been praying to the gods to give you a divine intervention from mind-numbing study - good news! Your prayers have been answered. Come and bust out your best demonic dance moves at our ANGELS VS. DEMONS rave night at Bar on the Hill. Think vampy corsets, sharp teeth and a hunger for eternal damnation vs lawful good lily whites, complete with a set of wings or even a heavenly glow.

We'll settle this divide on the dance floor.

The Garden of Olympus

To our distinguished guests…it is our pleasure to invite you to the most glamorous Gala Ball, taking place on the last night of Convention in the magnificent Hunter Valley 💃🍇✨

You will be transported to the ethereal Gardens of Olympus, populated with immaculate golden decor, grapevines and blooming flowers.

All we ask is that you don your best suits and ball gowns and that you party and dance to your heart’s content as the gods and goddesses may be watching...