Convention Shirt

We are so excited to be collaborating with @borne_clothing to design and manufacture Convention T-shirts this year. Borne is a social enterprise whose mission is to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases.

Founded by Newcastle conveterans (medical students who have previously attended convention), these T-shirts have been ethically sourced, are environmentally sustainable and are specially treated with permethrin which repels mosquitos, bugs and ticks for up to 70 washes. Borne also contributes a half of their profits towards United to Beat Malaria, a global grassroots campaign which provides malaria affected communities with anti-malarial treatment and bednets.

Borne T-shirts usually retail at $59, but for Convention, delegates will be receiving a limited edition NEW22 T-shirt for only $50, which will help protect you from mozzie bites (relevant considering the Japanese Encephalitis spread)! You can buy this t-shirt when you register for convention as an add-on.

For more details about Borne's mission and process, head to

T-Shirt sizing guide

See Borne clothing for pictures of sizes