Convention Cup

Convention Cup is a time-honoured tradition that has evolved and grown throughout its 63 years of colourful history. An avenue for healthy competition between our beloved Med Schools, the Cup encourages the participation of every delegate regardless of interest and predisposition. Points are earned in the lead up to the event, through a set of daily tasks during Con, and through special competitions run during the week. These competitions encompass all domains of what makes Med culture great: the Brains, the Brawn, and the Banter.

The Brains: A debating competition is run concurrent to the daytime Academics programs, with teams from each University battling for the top spot. Judging is done by Convention experts who weigh wit with jest to advance the worthy team to the next round. Points are also awarded for Poster submissions, academic engagement and workshop participation.

The Brawn: A sports day is run on Thursday where each Med School can show off their top individual athletes alongside their group strengths through team sports, tug of war, and the famous Brawniest Medical Student obstacle course. An Emergency Medical Competition represents another of the day's highlights run during team sports, where each School nominates an EMC team to compete in a number of CritCare simulation stations. Graduate doctors will then score each team's performance to determine who can brute-force their way through the most complex ED/ICU algorithms.

The Banter: The essence of this component of Convention cup boils down to rewarding good culture. Things like scavenger hunt items, good deeds, best costumes, and other secret criteria will award Schools points, whereas misdemeanours will subtract points.