How do I rego?

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Will there be Partial Ticket’s Available?

We have opened Partial Registration Options! Click here for all the details.


Please review our full terms and conditions here and if you have any further questions or to submit a request please contact us with relevant documentation.

Ticket Substitutions

Please be reminded that ticket transfers are unable to be processed as per the terms and conditions. The NEW22 team would like to caution any second market exchange of registration. Any person caught attempting to impersonate a registered delegate in order to gain attendance to NEW22 will be referred to security and evicted from the venue.

Ticket transfers are not available due to challenges inherent to providing a complex program filled with academics, sports, socials as well as delegate accommodation and in the best interest of our delegates’ safety. These challenges are outlined as below;

  1. AMSA National Convention is a not for profit volunteer run opportunity provided by medical students for medical students. Due to our unique model of operation, we do not have sufficient resources to process ticket transfers and cater for changes to logistics required by external contractors.

  2. AMSA Ticket Purchase System is incapable of processing inter-delegate ticket transfers. The organising committee has extensively explored options and have been unable to find a solution that allows us to ensure the eligibility of a ticket being resold nor monitor transactions.

  1. Unmonitored transfer undermines AMSA’s duty of care to ensure that all delegates' identities are known and are eligible to attend our events. If we cannot verify their age, their status (medical student/junior doctor) they can indeed be anyone and therefore we run the risk of exposing all of our delegates to a stranger.

These aforementioned challenges means that AMSA requires commitment from delegates who purchase tickets to attend the event. This requrirement is reflected in AMSA’s Event Terms and Conditions which operate within the boundaries of the legal system.

We appreciate that there are extenuating circumstances that may qualify for a partial refund as per clauses 5.4-6, and support you contacting us in this scenario. AMSA will generally NOT approve a refund for a change of mind or personal circumstance.

For full terms and conditions please see: https://www.new22.org/registration/terms-and-conditions


Sorry, what were the dates for Convention again?

Convention Week is 4-9 July 2022.

And the start/finish times?

START: Monday 4 July. Opening Ceremony at 2:00pm. Hotel check-ins from about 1:00-2:00pm.

FINISH: Sat 9 July. Hotel check-out before 10am on the 10th.

Where will Convention be held?

Academics will be based at the majestic Civic Theatre and City Hall. Accomodation includes a luxurious 6 night stay at 4-star hotels Honeysuckle Executive Apartments or Travelodge Hotel Newcastle. Keep your eyes peel on our instagram/fb for Social Venue and Theme Reveals soon!! For more details; explore the Rego and Academics pages of our website.


  1. Where will full rego delegates with accommodation be staying?
    Delegates who purchase the accommodation package will be hosted at Travelodge Hotel Newcastle and Honeysuckle Executive apartments.

  2. How will the rooms be organised?
    Rooms will be for 3-6 people. Most rooms will have 3 with one single and one double bed. We have tried our very best to maximise the number of single beds for our delegates, however there are limits to single bed capacity. Subsequent room allocations are being organised by your university AMSA Representative right now, taking into account your preferences submitted via the preferencing form due 20/5.

  3. I couldn’t get accommodation. Help?
    We suggest looking for some AirBnBs in the Newcastle CBD area to share with friends!


Get your Rangers excited and involved!

  1. What competitions are open to delegates?
    Numbers in brackets are numbers allowed to participate per university.

  • Debating (3-5)

  • Emergency Medical Challenge (6)

  • Australia’s Brainiest Medical Student (1 if in finals)

  • Australia’s Brawniest Medical Student (1 male, 1 female)

  • 3-Minute Thesis (unlimited)

  • Research Poster (unlimited)

  • Convention Cup (everyone)