Welcome to Newy!

Welcome to Newcastle, the gleaming jewel of the NSW coastline!

A city with all the vibrant bustle of Sydney plus all the beauty and charm of a coastal town, Newy is one place we're sure you'll fall in love with.

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Photo credit: Destination NSW

Food and drinks

Cooking not your forte? No worries! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Newcastle has you covered.

Head to Bolton Street Pantry for some great breakfast options, or Peaberry's for coffee. If you’re after a more fine dining experience, try Subo on Hunter St, or Nagisa for award winning Japanese food. Or, there’s always the Honeysuckle Precinct and Merewether Surfhouse for restaurants, bars and cafes with a lovely waterside view.

Photo credit: Destination NSW


Looking for things to do during the day? Newy has you spoilt for choice.

Newcastle is blessed with beaches, all close to the city centre (Mereweather, Newcastle and Stockton are some of the most popular). Bathers way walk is another great way to soak in the beautiful Newcastle coastline. If you’re looking to experience the city, try Newcastle’s Famous Tram tours, and be sure to visit the museum and art gallery in the heart of town.

Photo credit: Destination NSW


If the amazing socials at convention are (somehow) not enough to keep you occupied, Newcastle is brimming with options for a great night out.

If you’re looking to live it up, King Street and The Argyle House are some of the most popular clubs in Newy. If you’re after for a more chill vibe, Uptowns and The Koutetsu can give you just that. If old school pubs are more your schtick, try the Commonwealth, Cricketers and Oriental Hotels, or the gastro pub Burwood for excellent steaks.

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